8.16 // Kanoe + Rob

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Shooting this wedding was such a joy. It was one of those days that reminds you that weddings are about marriage, about lives being joined. Kanoe and Rob's wedding was about the things that they held dearest: family and friends. 

It was originally going to be in Nuaanu near the waterfall, but something happened and was moved last minute to Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden. I've never shot there before, but it was beautiful!

8.1 // all i see is you

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Recently turned 21 and craaazzzy is an understatement, summer school is still boring and lame, work has been busy but I'm not complaining, and everything else is just falling into place; life's good.

Thursday date night with Tiare; quick shoot with some +MoonCollective gear that I got her, and a double dinner date with bro Brendon and his girl Kellie at Nogami. Super awesome dinner!

Summer's been soooo good, and I don't want it to end. I forgot how much I love shooting; there's always a moment of clarity for me, falling in love with the whole creative element of doing what I love. 

Check out the photos!



Here are the shots from my Canon AE-1 on expired film!

Ended the night with a double date with Brendon and Kellie!

7.18 // #kupony2014

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I was talking to a good friend of mine the other night and realized that I've been blessed. Lucky. Either, or both that I get to go make films and occasionally photos for amazingly kind, genuine people on their special day. Weddings are always amazing.

It's always an exciting honor to photograph the wedding of a friends. This past weekend, my two friends from middle/high school got married to each other. I rarely shoot wedding photos unless friends ask, so this was one of those rare occasions. I gladly accepted and it made me realize how much I love shooting photo, it was a nice break from shooting video all the time. Here are some of the photos from their wedding day. 

Shout out to Johnny for shooting with me and Megan for tagging along to assist!